What you'll need to start a powder coating business?

Compared to traditional liquid painting, powder coating dry type painting that is non-toxic and harmless, the powder coating finish features more durable, impact-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and chemically resistant. There is no doubt that this environmentally friendly spraying method will be very marketable in the future, especially applying in vehicle parts, outdoor facilities, or furniture industries. So what devices or materials you'll need to start a powder coating business? Well, here's a general overview.

powder curing oven

1.Sandblasting Machine

First of all, your workpiece needs to be cleaned to remove all accumulated dirt and oil to improve surface adhesion for a better powder coating finish. For most small business, sandblasting is the initial choice and a set of sandblasting machine is economical to start. How to choose a sandblasting machine, it's important to consider the size of workparts, the output, and finishing requirement.

2. Powder Coating Powders

On a chemical level, the powder coating powders can be classified to epoxy, polyester, nylon, polyurethane, metallic, etc, the choice of which depends on the application of the powder coated workparts, like outdoor use or indoor use. Powder coatings also can be tailored with different colors, gloss, smoothness or other appearances. You can choose the appropriate powder type according to the powder manufacturer's sample card or the internationally accepted RAL colors.

3. Powder Coating Gun

Now you need a electrostatic powder coating gun that spraying powders to the metal workparts. Powder particles are negatively charged when exiting out from the gun spray nozzle, and then attracted to the object surface that is ground connected (positively charged). High charge capacity determines more powders are utilized, and other configurations of powder coating gun will influence the coating film uniformity, consistency. If you requires high quality finish for complex shape parts, you can choose a professional powder coating gun with advanced technology, if you have small budget, just want a powder gun meet based needs, you can choose an economical powder coating gun.

4. Powder Coating Nooth

At the same time, you'll need to install a spray booth to keep the powder coating job clean and tidy. The main function of the powder spray booth is to collect and recycle the oversprayed powder for secondary use, allowing you to protect the environment while saving costs. General powder coating booths includes manual powder booth and automatic powder booth with filter recovery or cyclone recovery, which is suitable depending on different scale powder coating businesses.

5. Powder Coating Oven

The last step, after spraying, you need a powder coating oven for curing. The curing process requires heating the powder-coated material to a particular temperature and holding that temperature for the required amount of time. When powder is exposed to elevated temperature, it begins to melt and then chemically reacts to forma durable film protecting the workparts. The powder coating oven can be classified into electric powder curing oven, gas/natural gas powder curing oven, diesel powder curing oven from the heating method. And you can choose standard size or customize the size that suits you according to the workpiece or production demands.

Professional Powder Coating Equipment Consultant

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