What's difference between COLO-800D and COLO-191S powder coating equipment

Part1: Powder Coating Gun Control

Controller Features for COLO-800D

800 - 副本 - 副本

HISTORY: Classic model, has been selling for 10+ years, since 2010, proved quality.

TECH: Based on reliable mechanical structure with easy operation and low fault rate.

ELECTRIC SETTING: Only voltage can be digitally adjusted by button and precsely displayed, the amepage can not be accordingly.

PHNEUMATIC SETTING: Pneumatic paramters including powder output, atomizing, gun cleaning air, fluidizing air, all are controlled by mechanical valves and read on tradition guages.

PRE-SET APPRICATION PRORAMS: Comes with 3 three preset programs standing for flat parts coating, corner coating and re-coating applications.

Controller Features for COLO-191S

1(2) - 副本 - 副本

HISTORY: New advanced design, developed in year 2019, the higly recommeded model in COLO.

TECH: Applies the world's latest DVC technology( digital valve controlled) all processing data can be digitally adjusted 

ELECTRIC SETTING: Kv and amperage can be separately adjusted, the unprecedented precision control of both ensuring maximum efficiency.

PHNEUMATIC SETTING: DVC technology allows precise setting of all phneumatic parameters,  which is easy for applying right powder amount and achieves repeatable performances.

PRE-SET APPRICATION PRORAMS: Like COLO-800D, it also has 3 three preset programs standing for flat parts, complex parts and re-coating applications.

PERSONALIZED PROGRAMS: Advanced users can create and store 20 personalized application programs and easily recall them, thus each part can be coated always with its ideal settings. 

LCD DISPLAY The  LCD display makes it easy to find the optimal settings in every condition.

Part 2: Powder Spray Gun

Spray Gun for COLO-800D

800D POWDER SPRAY GUN100kv cascade, Nozzle assembly (round, flat and extension)

Spray Gun for COLO-191S

191 POWDER SPRAY GUN100kv cascade, Nozzle assembly (round, flat and extension), the gun rear cover with function of adjust volume of powder output, and just press the “P” button to move between coating programs

Part 3: Powder Coating Hose

Hose for COLO-800D

powder hose1Normal durable powder hose.

Hose for COLO-191S

powder hoseIt is embedded with carbon strip that features anti-static and avoids powder block, especially easy to clean when color change is required.

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