How to choose COLO powder coating machine for your workparts?

Over 10+ years experience, COLO has been one of the top brand in supplying powder coating machines, COLO models are welll-known among worldwide customers, such as COLO-191S, KF-X1, COLO-800D, COLO-668. Those machines are in different features and budgets to suit every demand.

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So how to choose COLO powder coating machine for your workpiece? Different workpieces require machines with different function. This article list several powder coating equipment suitable for different workpieces, and introduce their differences from the perspective of applicable workpieces.

Solution1: All Kinds of Shapes, Especially for Challenging Workparts

aluminum profiles

Aluminum Profiles

auto parts

Auto Parts

For challenging workpieces with deep corners such as aluminum profiles, radiators, alloy wheels, auto parts, etc., which will generates Faraday Cage Effect making it difficult to spray corner well, COLO models with world's advanced technology can solve this problem that get excellent coating quality.

COLO-191S Series and KF-X1 Series applies unique DVC (Digital Valve Control) technology that can precisely adjust the powder output, atomization, so as to achieve repeatable application performance, which helps to find the best process parameters for perfect coating and get better spraying effect. At the same time, the system can also flexibly control voltage and current, which are important parameters in the electrostatic powder coating process, and help you find the best value to aviod Faraday Cage Effect.

It also equipped with touch keys for advanced spraying operations. Select any electrostatic coating process "Coating flat parts", "Coating complex parts" or "Recoating workpieces" using the touch key. For the above kinds of workpieces especially for deep corner workparts, it can be coated very well. Different workpieces can be sprayed with different programs, or you can use DVC to set precise parameters for optimal powder coating and store it as personalized programs.

Solotion2:Flat Workparts or Complex Workparts

The next two powder coating machines can handle with flat and complex workpieces, simple structure with easy operation.

For COLO-800D Series and COLO-668 Series, voltage can be digitally adjusted and displayed accurately through the button, and the amperage cannot be displayed accordingly. Pneumatic parameters including powder output, atomization, gun cleaning air, fluidizing air are all controlled by mechanical valves and read on conventional gauges. Although the operation is simple, it does not confit the coating of some grooved workpieces, and the precise parameters cannot be set, which is easy to cause errors and affect the spraying effect. So it is More suitable for some simple workpiece coating and basic work. 

But like COLO-191S & KF-X1,  these systems also come with 3 three preset programs which are convenient for beginners,  selecting electrostatic coating process "Coating flat parts", "Coating complex parts" or "Recoating parts" using the touch keys.


These two solutions are for different workpieces. If you need to coating more complex workpieces, you can choose solution 1. The two powder coating machines COLO-191S and KF-X1 are very powerful and can powder coating any workpiece without limitation. The powder coating equipment of solution 2 is more suitable for you to only spray some simple workpieces, and rarely or basically not to spray some complex parts.

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