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  • Q What is the main difference between the KF-X1 and the COLO-191S?

    A The 2 types powder coating guns are our superlative model with latest technology and fashional design.
    The main difference between the KF-X1 and the COLO-191S-V is appearace design of the control panel. The functions, performance and operations are all same. 
    If you like the blue color you can choose KF-X1, if you like the orange color, you can choose COLO-191S.

    colo powder coating gun
  • Q Why choose a corona powder spray gun?

    A Benefits
    1) The corona powder spray gun has a wide range of applications
    that meets different shapes of  workpieces.
    2) Corona powder spray gun is highly-adaptable with almost all types of powder coating powders.
    3) It is relatively easy to control the thickness of the powder coating film with a corona spray gun,  and easy to realize automatic assembly line coating.
    4)The first-pass powder coating ratio is higher than that of the tribo charging spray gun.
    5) Suitable for application of large surface areas such as refrigerators, washing machines, control cabinets, liquefied gas cylinders, etc.
    Because electrostatic powder spraying is air ionization, when the powder film is too thick, under the ionization exclusion, it is easy to be sags and crests, forming an uneven thickness, and if the workpiece is complex with corners, it is easy to occur Faraday Cage effect, thus the powder spraying is hard to reach those recesses. But use a professional COLO powder coating gun will overcome such difficulties to a certain extent.
  • Q How to purchase powder coating powder?

    A 1) Conform the color with the supplier, it can be the RAL color number, or from the catalog provided by the supplier, or you can request a color, such as black, white, they will recommend for you.
    2) Tell the powder is for outdoor coating or indoor coating, there are respectively epoxy and polyester powders for most applications.
    3) Inform the desired effect of the powder coating film, such as wrinkled, cracked, flat, etc.
    4) Confirm the glossiness of the powder coating powders, it can be lusterless, matte, highlight.
  • Q What preparations should be done before powder coating jobs?

    A * In the powder container, the powder fluidization flow should like water.
    * Check whether it is qualified powders, which must be dry, loose, even color, no impurities, and uniform in particle size.
    * Ensure dry and clean compressed air (free of oil and water).
    * The workpiece must be well grounded, and the grounding resistance should not be bigger than 1 megohm.
    * Environment Requirement: the optimal temperature is lower than 35, relative humidity lower than 80%, surface temperature of workparts: lower than 35.
    * Avoid cluttered airflow near the powder coating equipment.

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