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As a beginner, alway confused in how to choose a suitable set of equipment to start your own work. We are a professional manufacturer of powder coating equipment, with more than ten years of experience can provide you with advice.


Over 10+ years experience, COLO has been one of the top brand in supplying powder coating machines, COLO models are welll-known among worldwide customers, such as COLO-191S, KF-X1, COLO-800D, COLO-668. Those machines are in different features and budgets to suit every demand.


COLO-800D Powder Coating Machine Controller FeaturesClassic model, has been selling for more than 8 years, reliable and proved quality.Based on mechanical structure with low fault rate, Only voltage can be digitally adjusted by button and precsely displayed, the amepage can not be accordingly.Pneuma


The 2 types powder coating guns are our superlative model with latest technology and fashional design.The main difference between the KF-X1 and the COLO-191S-V is appearace design of the control panel. The functions, performance and operations are all same. If you like the blue color you can choose