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KF-X1-TB Powder Coating Spray Gun KF-X1-TB Powder Coating Spray Gun
KF-X1-TB Powder Coating Spray Gun KF-X1-TB Powder Coating Spray Gun
KF-X1-TB Powder Coating Spray Gun KF-X1-TB Powder Coating Spray Gun

KF-X1-TB Powder Coating Spray Gun

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KF-X1-TB powder coating spray gun with 2 lbs cup is ideal for small series coating or testing jobs. The powerful technology allows to overcome all kinds of challenging situations, such as applying metallic powders, or penetrating to hard-to-reach corners. It always produces uniform powder coating films on the parts .
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Product Description

KF-X1 Intelligent Controller

1. The digital valve control(DVC) technology offers precise adjustment of all processing parameters, extraordinary for repeatable regulations of the powder flow and dosing air.

2. One-touch buttons and the easy-to-use interface makes this machine powerful for everyone.

3. There are 3 pre-set application programs for processing flat parts, profiles and recoating jobs, this function is simple for beginners to use.

4. Additionally, 20 individual coating programmed can be stored and retrieved at any time. This achieves repeatable and outstanding coating results.

powder coating gun controller

Powder Spray Gun

- Built-in 100kv cascade maximizes the electrostatic charging, offers highest transfer efficiency.

- With handy functions of changing powder flow and moving between coating modes just pressing the "P" button at the rear cover.

- Comes with full array of nozzle assortment for optimal effect , including flat nozzles, round nozzles with a series of deflectors, as well as extension nozzles for better penetration of corners.

powder coating gun

Powder Pump

- Delivers more powders to spray guns using less compressed air, achieves efficient material utilization and lower consumption costs.

- A plug-in powder injector that can be detached without any tools, allows fast cleaning and maintenance.

powder coating pump

Powder Hopper

- Size: D10*H20 cm, Capacity: 2 lbs

- Fluidization of powder is main to break up agglomerations and remove absorbed moisture, keeps powder with a high degree of uniformity and consistency.

- Avoids overflow, and hardly get contaminated as it is not exposed outside, ideal for clean powder coating.

powder coating hopper

Grounded Powder Hose

- The grounded powder hose embedded with carbon strips features anti-static, ensures constant and uniform flow.

- This powder hose is easy and quick to clean during color change process.

powder coating hose

Packing & Delivery

Packing size: 43x43x56cm

Delivery time: 1-3 Working Days after payment.

Shipping: by express (DHL, Fedex, etc), door to door.

Warranty: 1 year

powder coating equipment packing