How to apply metallic powder coating?

Metallic powder coatings can display a bright, luxurious decorative effect and this metallic powder craft is ideal for painting indoor and outdoor objects such as furniture,  facilities, automobile accessories.

wheel powder coating

As this type of metallic powder coatings are made by adding pure finely ground mica or aluminum or bronze particles. You are actually spraying a mixture of plastic powder and fine aluminum powder mixed with it. With different guns the metallic particles in relation to the ground object may orient themselves differently.

There are some tips for using a electrostatic spray equipment to improve the metallic powder coating effect:

1. Reduce the atomizing air, as low as possible for smooth, gentle airflow.

2. Preferably use a dipstick or gravity cup so that the fluidizing airflow does not disturb the particle size distribution.

3. Increase distance between powder spray gun and object to at least 8 inches or more.

4. Try using different nozzles, especially soft flow nozzles.

5. Make sure to put the powder coat material directly into the oven at 200°- if the oven is at room temperature, the coating will flow and disturb the texture at 150°, resulting in a smooth finish.

Once defined, these settings and parameters should be as stable as possible and controlled regularly. Since many parameters can have an impact on the final result, care must be taken to make the process and spray conditions as stable as possible for each job, especially if further applications are to be made on the same job

Where to buy an appropriate powder coating gun for metallic powders?

COLO powder coating guns offers great flexibility and reliability to control the processing parameters, such as COLO-191S series, KF-X1 series, these models with the unique DVC (digital valve control) technology allow precise adjustment of the kv, amperage, powder output, atomization, which help you always find the optimal setting for perfect metallic powder coating, as well as leading to further repeatable application jobs. Moreover, The configured COLO-08 100kv spray gun maximizes the electrostatic charging, enhance the first-pass transfer efficiency of metallic powder coatings. And the nozzle assembly includes flat spray, round spray, extension improves the coverage performance of metallic powder coating.


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